Thursday, May 21, 2009

Progress and New Projects

I'm trying to get back on track with posting a bit better. I started out well(ish) and then went a bit slow. I thinks sometimes it is like knitting, you get black holes, where life seems to disappear and you can't seem to beat your way out of a wet paper bag.

So I do have knitting progress, as the title suggests (I really wish I could think up more imaginative titles, mine seem to be so boring). My FLS has suddenly taken on her proper personality. I have finished the body and started the first sleeve. I took some photos to mark the ocassion so without further ado - The FLS



Yeh looks huge doesn't it - but then it has to fit me. I've tried it on and it fits like a dream. It comes to just under my butt, nice length. It is so light and soft and fluffy. Admitedly you can't really see the stitch definition because of the yarn, but it is there.

I had a bit of a lapse last week - it was sort of odd, like I couldn't keep hold of my money, it was running out of my pockets like it was water. Spend, spend, spend, maybe it was something to do with spending a fair bit of money on my new Netbook and I had to spend more. OK I've calmed down now, but here are a couple of things that made it in under the wire, 2 new projects

The Chinese Lace Pullover by Angela Hahn of Knititude. I got some Artesano Alpaca DK in colour Equador, a lovely sunny yellow, my fave colour. Got the yarn from Woollyworkshop

Blue Sky Alpacas Sunday Cardigan and I got the yarn Alpaca Silk, the colour is garnet. I do so love rich jewel tones. Got this from GetKnitted

Tine to go, try and put a few inches on my sleeve. Won't have time for any tomorrow, got to put in some overtime on the housework.

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  1. I've been slowed a bit this week too--feeling a little under the weather. All projects have moved at snail's pace, knitting, work and home. I must get more done next week!

    I love the colors of the FLS!! It doesn't look big it looks swingy (which I love!).

    I understand the spend, spend, spend times! I have to get them under control right away because I am a world-class spender given half a chance!

    So good to see pictures in your posts again. The alpaca and Sunday Cardigan are beautiful!