Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sunshine, you are my sunshine

Oh boy, have we had sunshine here for the past few days. It is so welcome, our weather has been dull and cold for so long. Of course that doesn't mean a mad rush into the sun, slowly, slowly does it. For an Irish redhead like myself one has to be careful. So, short bursts, not getting burnt or going red. If your skin has gone red in the sun you've suffered burn damage already. I do eventually take a colour - with care. The forecast is for sunshine and showers from tomorrow on but I'm hoping we are finally going to get the long, hot summer we've been promised especially after the NON summer we had last year.

No photos of knitting or anything else. I've been working away at my FLS and I'm 2 patterns and a garter stitch border from finishing the second sleeve, so nearly finished. I'll try and put a spurt on later tonight, see if I can finish it. Of course the heat we have had recently hasn't exactly made it great for knitting fluffy yarn, it gets very warm with a fluffy cardi on your knee.

I've resisted casting on my Chinese lace pullover with the mantra "I'm nearly finished my cardi" keeping me going. My friend Susan paid a quick visit last week and here comment on my FLS was that she thought it the loveliest thing she'd seen me knit to date. Of course she hasn't seen everything I've ever done and some of my earlier stuff - as in before I knew Susan - was just as nice. Of course I put off taking photos thinking I'd wait until it was finished. So photos on that soon, finished (except for buttons) and then it will be on to cast on my CLP (chinese lace pullover). I did order buttons but I think they are too small, I'm a terrible judge of button size, so I'll have to look for some more.

Pizza and tossed salad tonight I think with some cider and ice creams for afters. It is summer here after all.

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  1. It sounds like beautiful weather and golden days in Ireland!! I too, as an Irish redhead have never had much luck with the sun. Our children all got their olive complexions from DH so I am odd man out when it comes time for games in the sun. I burn, peel and am as white as ever.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the lovely FLS completed. I am near finished with the Hudson River Triangle. It was a long knit and I have also been tempted to go to something else. You are a good example. We must STICK TO IT!!

    Happy summer