Sunday, June 14, 2009

Decisions Decisions

Well as my previous post said I ordered 4 sets of buttons in my quest to find the perfect ones for my FLS. Here they are all together, the following photos show each set on the FLS

The next photo shows the set on top left, they look OK yes? They would do but just not the perfect button.
Second set, these are the ones on bottom right. They are a better choice than the first set but again not the perfect set.

Set number 3 - from top right. Now these are great and if I wanted the buttons to be unobtrousive these would be perfect.

In fact it was difficult to choose between these and the last set but here you are the ones I chose, bottom left. Now I know some of you out there will disagree but then it is my choice and I happen to think these are perfect.

And the long shot. They have come up more orange than they actually are, more amber coloured. Anyway I think these are the best.

Which ones would you have chosen?

Still no photos of me modelling the cardi. I'll have to get around to asking DH to do the honours. Some day you will get a surprise photo of me modelling the FLS, but I won't say when.

I've been working away on the CLP (Chinese Lace Pullover) and have finished the lace section and now into the body increase shaping. I wanted to make the sweater longer as I don't like short sweaters. When I read through the pattern I decided the best way to do that was to increase the lace panel on the bottom as the waist decreases are achieved within the lace. The lace pattern is 24 rows and the sweater called for 34 rows (1 full pattern + repeat the first 10 rows) I worked 2 full pattern repeats then first 10 rows again. This added just under 3 inches to the length.

I am further on than this photo shows, I took this a few days ago but I haven't a more up to date photo. Here's a close up of the lace panel

I'll give you a progress update on the CLP in a few days time and photos of a new delivery. Yarn from the Unique Sheep for a shawl. You'll have to wait for those, the yarn is amazing and special. Come back for a look, you won't want to miss it

Must run now, time for the latest episode of the new House.

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  1. I agree! The amber buttons are gorgeous! I always go for the "statement" rather than the unobtrusive. I love the way the CLP is coming together and such a prett color. Both the FLS and CLP are redheads' colors. Right?