Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

I lied, no photos. My laptop has let me down, I tried all day yesterday to get it to start and it won't even hiccup. I'm using DHs laptop to write this and we are going to have to look into my laptops problems. I feel lost without it, and while I can use DHs while he is at work it limits me a bit. At this stage I don't know how serious it is as it will need a bit of looking at, but whatever it's going to cost money.

My knitting has been dead slow and stop, I haven't achieved more than a couple of rows a day at most this past while and there have been a few days where no knitting has been done at all. Having said that I did start another washcloth as part of my Rubber Ducky club. As I hadn't used this particular cotton before I decided to use the only pattern I had specifically for it, which is called "Woven". It uses a cable to produce a basket weave effect and while the pattern is slowish I am loving the yarn. It is soft and lush for a cotton, I think it would make lovely, wearble garments as well. It is smoother and finer than Peaches and Creme, not quite like a mercerised cotton, but silky. My FLS is coming along slllllllllllllllowly oh so slowly, I am down past the armholes and working down the body, but this will take a while as I want a good length. The yarn is so soft and light that the extra length won't drag the body down, so best to put a good length to it. I want to make the sleeves full length too, not 3/4, I am not a fan of 3/4 sleeves, especially in cardigans.

Yesterday was May Day bank holiday and DH had the day off but the weather was miserable here, wet, windy, cold.... So come afternoon we tackled a row of kitchen cupboards which I had started and we finished them off. I needed his help as I can't get down on my knees and part of the cupboard disappeared into a corner behind another. A lot of "stuff" made it into the bin, thanks heavens this week it is the proper bin not the recycling bin. Mind you we put our recycling bin out for collection last thursday and it wasn't collected, another 2 weeks before it is due again. Anyway the result is that that particular bank of cupboards has been cleared and cleaned. Some items have been ordered to help orgainise cupboard space and this will help in the kitchen re-roganisation which is underway. It's amazing how many open packets of lasagne sheets had accumulated in the back of the cupboard.

Updates will happen but I don't know when. And photos? I may have to wait on getting my own laptop back in business. First off to see if it is fixable ... if not it may have to be replaced. "Money, money, money......it's a rich mans world"

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  1. Sorry to hear about your computer woes! I nearly have a nervous fit when my computer breaks down! I leaves me feeling disconnected from the rest of the world.

    You put me to shame! I badly need to clean kitchen cupboards. I know my "collection" of bits and pieces will be shocking.

    Good luck with the laptop. I hope you will keep posting even without pictures!!