Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Problem solved

Yes well sort of solved. Ahem, well yes, a new Netbook is on its way to me. We have not yet managed to have a look into the problem with my laptop, so it is still in its bag in the dunces corner. We do intend to try and fix it, provided it is not going to be expensive.

I spotted an extremely attractive offer for the new Samsung NC12 - a 12" Netbook and I couldn't resist. It is so lovely looking and so up to date. All I have to do now is wait, impatiently, for it to arrive, then get it set up the way I want it again. I have a backup that was taken not very long ago and I'm probably only missing some photos which are still on my card. In the meantime I'm still using DHs laptop so no photos.

The weather here has finally decided to pick itself up off the floor and we have had a few sunny days, so I ran around like a mad thing on Sunday and took lots of photos in the garden as this just happens to be the time when most of my shrubs and trees are in flower. I really will have to consider planting some summer flowering plants, but I'm a very poor gardener I don't really get the whole messing about in soil stuff.

I also took some knitting progress shots but you won't be seeing any of those until my new netbook is in action, so that was just to tease you.

I'm out all day tomorrow catching up with people and getting the weekly shop done. I'm meeting up with an ex work colleague for lunch and giving her the Baby Surprise jacket, I hope she likes it. I've ordered buttons for it but if they don't arrive in todays post I'll have to get them to her another time. Then meeting my BF for the afternoon, shopping and coffee and talking and .....

So - without the photos a quick post. Now I'm off to get the "tarting up" process started, after all if I'm meeting old friends I need to look like I'm a lady of leisure. Nails, face, hair,.........

Happy knitting all

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  1. Thanks for a good chuckle! I also am not a "messing about in the soil" person. The whole gardening concept escapes me. I do love flowers! That's why there are flower shops and garden stores.

    I hope your afternoon is nice and relaxing (and your "tarting up" was successful)! LOL How can an afternoon of coffee with friends and shopping not be pleasant?

    I hope when you are back in the photo business you will take a picture of the new netbook and let those of us who l-o-o-o-v-e computers have a quick thrill!!! If I could afford it I would have one of every new gadget that comes out.

    Have a super day. I'll be thinking of you.