Sunday, May 17, 2009

At last some photos

OK I tried this on Friday but blogger wouldn't load any photos so I'm giving this another go. It was very frustrating continually selecting photos loading them and then blogger coming up blank. But Hey TaDa! the first photo from my new Netbook and what better than the little beauty herself. I've placed it next to an A4 folder for scale, see how small it is and it is only 1.5kg - a little under 31/2 lb

Still with the plastic sheet on in an attempt to keep the fingerprints off for a while, it is what they call piano black, that glossy black that is beautifully and absolutely fantastic for gathering fingerprints - wouldn't those CSIs have a field day with it.

Well, what do you think, isn't it lovely? I'll leave you to drool over my baby.

OK now for the knitting update. I finished my latest washcloth using The Unique Sheep Pima Petite in colour Rubber Ducky, this was the April delivery from The Rubber Ducky Club.

I used a pattern which I had previously purchased from The Unique Sheep called "Woven". I love it, this is a softer, silkier cotton than Peaches & Creme. The skeins are only 2 oz but as you can see from the photo I have quite a bit over, in fact 7/8 oz. The washcloth is 8" square and I'm hoping to get a soapsack out of the remainder, it certainly goes a long way. The woven pattern is yarn hungry too as it uses cables to achieve that basket weave effect. I'll have to try a lacey pattern with my June yarn. Not that far away now.

I mentioned previously that I was working on a February Lady Sweater (FLS). It is quite difficult to take photos of to get the shape so I tried putting it on a hanger. This worked better, I hung it from a door, but all our doors are darkish so the colours haven't come up as well as they might. Anyway here's the latest, I may have put another inch or 2 on since then but it's basically the same.

I want this to be nice and long to cover most of the tops I would wear it with so I think I will make the body about 19" from underarm. The sleeves will also be full length, not 3/4, I'm not a big fan of 3/4 sleeves, especially in a country with our climate, we certainly don't get temps anywhere near even what London gets in the summer.

Right on the last lap for this post, no more about knitting or my new Netbook. We went to the movies last night to see the new Star Trek, I've always been a big fan, now not a full blown Trekkie, but I've certainly watched every incarnation of it and all the films so far. I have to say it was superb, a really big action movie and they managed to get the casting right, you could see the original characters there still. I'm hoping there will be more. I highly recommend it, even if you've never watched any Star Trek before, if you like action movies you'll love this

So enough for now. Off to put in some knitting time on my FLS.

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