Thursday, February 19, 2009

There is light at the end of the tunnel

This stole is starting to be boring, don't you agree folks. It seems to be the only thing on my horizon at the moment. Of course I got zero done yesterday but had a good day out with my sister. I'm not sure she and I have ever managed to do that before, but then I've been in full time work until last December. We spent the afternoon doing almost the whole of the massive M&S store at Sprucefield - and I bought a few things, with her encouragement. Not that my wardrobe needed adding to, I'm such a clothes hog. So I got a lovely soft, long sleeeved hooded t-shirt, a zip up fleece jacket (a man's brown for me, it's such a soft fleece too) and a pair of amber coloured mary janes with a lovely little heel.

We are going out with friends on Saturday night, meeting up for drinks at a very plush city centre hotel (for a nosey) and then on to dinner. I'll be wearing my new shoes, a chance to dress up as I've mostly been running around in casuals for the last few months. That's been quite a change for me as I've always been reasonably dressed for work and I've had more than a few pyjama days.

So the progress shot, as of this afternoon the stole looked like this

I put the phone there for scale, it was the only thing that I could put my hand on quickly to get an idea of the length. I have done one repeat of the polka-dots now (2 rows of the staggered circles). Another 2 1/2 repeats will see it finished, so I think it should be finished on time. I'm hoping the camel yarn blocks out nicely.

Just in case any of you need some cheering up here is a shot of the beautiful bunch of Tulips my Dh gave me for Valentines.

Excuse the mess, unfortunately Tulips never last very long and they are starting to go already, but still lovely. Bright enough to cheer up any dull day.

Well I'm off to continue reading through all of your bogs and see what you've all been up to. Goodnight for now


  1. I love PJ days!! I know how you feel about the stole. I am finishing the baby sweater this evening and casting on for a shawl. At the same time I am asking myself if I really want to knit something that big, but it is either that or go back to the sweater. I'm sure I would have finished the sweater by now if we had been blessed with ANY winter weather at all. It is still 75 degrees and the sweater has not been touched.

    The tulips are lovely! Hope your evening out was fantastic!

  2. Welcome to the world of blogs! Your knitting is marvelous!