Friday, February 13, 2009

Progress - with photos

So the stole is progressing and still taking over my life. However it is going to be short term as I have a target date for it. I fear the backlash from such concentrated knitting may be a burst of housework!!!!. Well hopefully it will be as my very poor housekeeping is reduced to practically nil at the moment. I suppose if there is anyone out there who reads this you might like to see those photos but so as not to bore you I'm just including the best one - best photo that is and I have to say my photography skills are not great.

Excuse the bare toes creeping in at the bottom, but hopefully you can see enough detail - the Polka-dots.

I'm wondering about the blocking. The yarn is camel and I'm not sure wether to saok it or just spritz it. I'm thinking it may need to be soaked as there is not much elasticity in it but it would need to be a cold soak as it feels like it might felt easily. If anyone has experience of blocking camel yarn I'd be interested for your input.

We have had pretty poor weather here for a while but yesterday there was a distinct improvement, the sun shone and most of the snow melted. It was windy, but nice enough for a quick sortie round the garden - here's the proof.

That's my fat cat Pepper, she loves her food, and of course a little clump of snowdrops, signs of better weather to come. Late this morning fog rolled in over the valley and sat on top of us all day but there was a huge cacophony of birds, sounded like a huge flock of starlings in the fields having a feast.

I'll keep you up to date on progress and of course my other projects too, but for now it is a one track system until the stole is complete. BTW my DH came home tonight with a beautiful bunch of yellow tulips, my favourite colour and he took his widowed mother a bunch of red roses. He can be nice sometimes and after almost 30 years of marriage it was a lovely surprise.

Happy Valentines to all of you out there, hope you get something nice to show you're appreciated.

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