Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Milestone on the Stole

OK so I've finished zipping through the fast part and started on the Polka-dots again. Knitting will now slow down again as I have to work each and every row from the chart, you can't lift your head or you'll make a mistake. Still it does mean the end is in sight, 2/3 way through the 4th skein out of a total of 5 skeins. Of course I know you are looking for photos but I can't knit and photograph at the same time. Having said that we had such a beautiful day here today, it was like spring and my 12 year old fraidy cat "Pepper" hassled me until I went out into the garden with her and spent a bit of time so she could roll around on the lawn. I'm afraid I didn't stop to get the camera and stole - I'm only thinking about that now - missed opportunity. I'm out tomorrow so nothing until Thursday I'm afraid.

I still haven't decided whether to put sleeves in my slipover but I have been mentally working out the maths, and considering knitting them in the round. Sounds like I've decided? Well I could always knit one and see how it goes. I was seriously considering it today but no way can I do it until this stole is finished. A case of startitis will not help get my sister's birthday present finished in time.

Well if I'm home with some daylight left tomorrow I'll get a few more rows done. Tonight I gave myself a manicure and painted my nails - it's lunch and a shop with my older sister tomorrow.

So if anyone is reading this have a great few days and I promise the next post will have some photos

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