Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bits and Pieces

As usual there is knitting progress here but a lot slower than it has been for a while. I fairly zipped through the last couple of big projects (even though the sewing up isn't done yet) and now Lepidoptera is only going at snails pace.

Here's the latest progress shot.

I took this just before I started to introduce the 3rd colour and have now completed the 12 row transition into that 3rd colour. There is now a gentle hint of lilac starting to appear in the orange, but I haven't taken a photo of that yet. The rows are getting longer and longer so it takes longer and longer to work each of the rows. I find I can't do much at a time as my hands are tiring and cramping a bit working with fine circulars. I will have to rest them to get the kinks out. Perhaps I'll resurrect a WIP on straights to see if the needle change will help.

I met up with Gilraen last week and we had a long lunch talking about knitting, books, films,... She suggested I might like to go along to one of the weekend SNB meetings with her, so I might just do that. While I was having lunch with gilraen my car was in for a service and MOT check, turns out it needed a good bit of work. It is now 8 years old and it is not unexpected that things are wearing out and needing replaced. It doesn't half cost money though AND my big freezer decided to bite the dust at the same time and we had to get a new freezer PDQ. That was a very costly few days.

DH and I went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Saturday night, I enjoyed it very much. SIL and her DH will be visiting MIL from 7th to 17th August so we will have to plan a few excursions while they are here. The Tall Ships will be in Belfast from 13th to 16th so we are going to organise one outing to inculde that.

To conclude here is some stash enhancement from June. Some Posh Yarn, 3 skeins of Martha (80% merino 10% cashmere 10% nylon) 4 ply (fingering) in colour Wheat.

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  1. Another beautiful color and the shawl looks wonderful! I have heard other knitters say that circs cause them hand pain but they never seem to bother me and I have arthritis in my hands. Maybe it is all in the individual ways we hold the needles.

    My Mother always said things break down in threes and I have had that experience too many times. Hope you have only two!

    We saw Harry Potter this last weekend. I think I am tiring of HP and would rather see the tall ships.

    The Martha is gorgeous. I want to pet it!! AND, as I said at the beginning, another beautiful color!