Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Unfinished Symphony

Photos, I have 'em. I waited until the CLP is mostly pulled together....i.e it is off the needles but not sewn up yet. I'm just one of theose people who doesn't get to the sewing up without a lot of pressure. So the number of WIPs which are at the waiting stage is growing. There will have to be a reckoning one of these days and I will tackle my basket of mostly finished projects (MFPs) and then they will grow into fully fledged Finished Objects. Not yet however. In the meantime here is the penultimate photo of the CLP, the next time you see her she will be all sewn up.....

Just don't hold your breath waiting for the next one. OK so the photo is up to my usual crappy standard, the weather has been so wet and dark and the light so poor it doesn't help my appalling lack of skill. I've changed the neckline, as you may or may not be able to tell from the photo. I decided that as it is going to be a warm sweater I'd make the neck a bit more snuggly. So I did some decreasing and finished out the neck in SS. Then I cast off using 4.5mm needles to enable a nice rollover.

On to the next subject. I wound a couple of skeins of the Sashimi last night and made a start on the Lepidoptera shawl. It doesn't look like much at the moment but it will grow.

This is the first time I've done a triangular shawl but it's only a matter of shape. The knitting is all the same no matter the shape. I'm looking forward to seeing how the gradience dyed yarn makes the shawl change as the colours start to bloom. I need to work 8" of colour 1 before starting to blend on colour 2, and it is a blending process as you have to merge the 2 colours over 8 rows.

I'll give you a peek of one of the 3 little parcels I got last month.

This is my parcel from the Unique Sheep for the Rubber Ducky Club, June shipment. I haven't chosen a pattern for it yet. I think DH will like this as he is a "blue" person so I'll have to pick a pattern he'll like. Shouldn't be too difficult, nothing frilly.

I succumbed to one of the Tilda shawl kits from Posh Yarn a few weeks ago, I'll have to take a photo of that for another post some time.

I'm going to meet up with Gilrean next week, we have not met before but discovered we live relatively close. She goes to some of the knitting get togethers around the country but I have never attended any of these. It will be nice to meet up with someone from the knitting community, I'm usually to be found knitting on my own.

Enough for now, I'll keep you updated on Lepidoptera as she grows. For now I'll have to get back to some decluttering as SIL and her husband are visiting for 10 days next month. I'm going to have to dig the dining room out for underneath a clutter of computer bits, saucepans and yarn...... Here is where it would be nice to be able to conjure up "storage space". Think there's any chance I could wiggle my nose and it would happen? Oh well wishful thinking.

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  1. Beautiful!! As I said before--a wonderful color! I have been getting yarn in the mail also, but have not had time to do anything with it (DH has been in the hospital). I hope to play with the skeins of Malabrigo lace weight very soon.