Friday, September 3, 2010


At long last some knitting to blog about. Not that there hasn't been plenty of knitting going on it is just that between dealing with all the sorting and moving there has been no photography going on. So over the past few weeks the camera has made it out and photos have been taken.

The Buzzzz is all about the 1st project I cast on and completed in my new house. This is Anne Hanson's Les Abeilles. It has taken me less than 2 weeks, I used yarn from stash - Posh Yarns Eva in colour Peach Melba. I knit the petite size and used just over 2 skeins. You can see the beauty shot below on a sunny afternoon in my new back garden. Well actually looking from the garden back to the house.

I am hoping my older sister likes this colour as I'd like to gift it to her. I have already cast on my second of these shawls, this one is intended for my niece Sarah, again using Posh Yarn, this time Miranda 4ply in colour Daddy's Home

I'm well into the first pattern repeat and it is zooming along. For more deatils on these 2 projects you can find me as Amberpearl on Ravelry


  1. I love the Daddy's Home colorway! That will make a beautiful shawl. Les Abeilles is one of my favorite shawl patterns and I haven't made one yet. I must try it soon! Glad you are moved and settled.

  2. I would think ANYONE would love that beauty! It's so lovely.