Saturday, August 21, 2010

A New Start

Yesterday (20th August) was the 1st Anniversary of my DH's death. I thought it would be a bad day but not so as it turned out. With the date looming a while back I decided to get my act into gear and get on with moving house. I have got a lot done to the house before moving in but all the work I had planned to get done before moving in was finished mid July and I relaised I was dithering. I so did not want to be in the old house come 20th August. So I made a decision and got myself moved in the space of 2 weeks. It was very busy as there was a lot to do to make it happen but I concentrated on getting my furniture moved and the essentials. Most of my kitchen stuff and clothes were already moved as I had been bringing things over in dribs and drabs over the intervening months.

I had good friends who helped me out the day before and day of the move, along with the removal men of course, who were great. I moved in on 12th August and am feeling reasonably settled. Most of the boxes I brought with me are emptied but there is still a lot of stuff at the old house to sort and more will come here, but only what I want. I don't intend to end up as cluttered as I was before. Of course all my yarn moved several weeks before I moved so that was a sign it was going to happen.

My 14 year old cat Pepper has been great and is fairly well settled now. She has explored all her new territory, including the garden. I was worried she would not take the move well but she has familiar scents around her and of course the food lady is still here - what more could a cat ask for.

My SIL and her husband are over for a week, staying with her mother, and the 2 of them and my BF came to dinner on Thursday night. They have brought their car over from England to take some things of Shane's back with them. We have arranged to go to the old house on Monday and they will load their car up. Apart from that I will have a full house tomorrow, my BF, her husband, Shane's BF and his wife along with SIL, her husband and my MIL are all coming for a mid afternoon meal. I have just made a huge pot of Bolognese sauce so it will only need heated, spaghetti cooked, some garlic bread warmed and a salad tossed - easy peasy - for 8 people. I haven't entertained like this in a very long time.

And the knitting? Yes there has been some. Although I have plenty WIPs I decided I would like to start something new in my new house, something simple, easy knitting. So I cast on Les Abeilles in some Posh Eva from stash. No photos taken yet. When SIL has gone back next week I'm going to get the camera out and get some photos of WIPs etc. and I fully intend to be back here more regularly now.

Off to get my evening meal sorted, then sit down with Les Abeilles for a bit of R&R. Hope all of you are keeping well out there in blogland. Back soon

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  1. So good to hear that things are moving along for you. I would love to see pictures of your new house and Pepper's garden. Sitting and knitting on Les Abeilles (which I love!) is a good sign that you are settling in.

    It will be wonderful to have you back in blogland on a regular basis. You have been in my thoughts during the last year. I hope you enjoy your new home!

    We just returned from our granddaughter's wedding in Chicago and are recovering from many parties and family gatherings. We came home feeling a little old and tired but are on the mend.