Monday, April 6, 2009

Where did March go?

OK I was just trying to think up a more interesting title than "I'm back" or something equally descriptive but I'm not that good. I still don't know where March went though. I have been online, keeping up with my Emails and reading blogs that I follow but that always seem to take so much time I never get around to posting here.

So to put that right I'll update you on a few things. The apres surf hoodie is now entering its final stages and I have some pics. I have spent the past month working hard on it, getting out and about, sorting and clearing, some cleaning,.... get the picture. So to get on with the show here's the latest with the hoodie.


I know it's a bit difficult to see, the only bit to finish here on the body is the neck and hood band, pick up stitches round each sis=de of the neck opeing and all round the hood. The pattern calls for a SS band finished with an ICord bind off. However as I replaced the ICord bind off hem with garter stitch I think the band will be plain garter stitch (or maybe moss stitch for more stability it will look similar).

See here the first sleeve resting beside the body.

Second sleeve progress. I took these yesterday and I'm now on to the sleeve cap and I'm hoping to finish the sleeve some time tonight/tomorrow.

Guess what I'll do then? The neckband or cast on the February Lady sweater? It will probably be the FLS so I can get it set up for my relaxing knitting. The band is going to require some concentration. I think I'll block the pieces before sewing up, something I don't normally do but I think I will do here.

It is wet and cold here today, the cloud is so low over the mountain that it is dark and miserable. After a few warm and sunny days in march it feels like we've gone back to winter again. The other main thing I was doing in March was reading, I've had my nose buried in a series of books and I really need to start to ration the reading to fit other things in.

I really need to get some laundry done as I have fallen behind but I seem to be finding all sorts of things to do today other than housework. I spent Friday clearing a couple of kitchen cupboards, finding things whose sell by dates predated the ark. I tell you I had no idea how long some things were lurking in there! Still have loads more of those to do and I think the cupboards will probably be shuffled (by that I mean moving dishes and edible goods to different cupboards).

This Friday - Good Friday - 1oth April is our 30th (Pearl) wedding Anniversary. I've got some tie tacs on order from a couple of etsy sellers for DH, so I'm hoping they arrive this week. We're going out for a meal on Friday night and then we have the long weekend over Easter. I'm hoping the weather warms up a bit again so that DH can enjoy the few days off work. SIL is coming over to visit MIL for a few days next week (Tuesday to Friday) so we'll probably take them out somewhere nice to eat one evening.

Katherine yes I got your Email and I owe you a reply big time later in the week

Happy Knitting all

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  1. Apres Surf is going to be wonderful. I vote for FLS next. It's a great knit!

    Hope your anniversary is the best ever and there are many, many more to follow!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you and catching up from here as well. There is life after tax season!